Welcome to Casa dei Limoni

Casa dei Limoni is a large detached house on the edge of the village in its own 1000 m² garden with views to the sea three and a half km away.
The house is nothing like a typical holiday apartment - poorly equipped and anonymously furnished.

It is our personal home, found after a long search and lovingly restored.
Now we enjoy alternating between our homes in Germany and Italy, as well as visiting other parts of the world.
And when we are not in residence, we might be able to let to you!

Casa dei Limoni was completely renovated in 2009. With four double bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large kitchen, living-room, dining area, loggia, beautiful garden, terrace and ample car parking, our house offers excellent standards of comfort and beauty - for an unforgettable holiday.

Guest house Casa dei Limoni in fact consists of two buildings: the main house and the guest house which is 15 m away on the other side of the terrace.

House Small groups (up to five people) can rent the main house on its own. In this case the guest house will not be let to another group.

House Both houses and the outside area are arranged in an Italian style and tiled throughout. There is underfloor heating (solar panels and gas) and a wood-burning fireplace (wood can be bought locally).

Casa dei Limoni in the top menu gives full details of the house and garden.


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